NEXAT Revolution – The Next Level Of Agricultural Machinery

The world is in continuous transformation and this movement extends even into the farming field. It seems that the biggest combine harvesters in the world are no longer the most powerful agricultural machines that a farmer can own.

The grain harvest with the NEXAT and NEXCO at night

Thanks to advancements in technology, new machines appear that do the work more efficiently and effectively, reducing the amount of CO2 emission and of time it takes to harvest crops.

Today’s agricultural machinery that we’re about to present to you will blow your mind!

NEXAT GmbH - The crop protection implement from the company Dammann with a working width of up to 70m

Named Nexat, this is one of the most revolutionary holistic crop production systems available on the global market.

Efficient, durable, sustainable, and reliable, Nexat can be a great investment for any farm looking to maximize its crop production while reducing CO2 emissions.

NEXAT GmbH - The equipment change between the NexCo (combine) and the tank system NEXAT GmbH CrossCutter during stubble fall in the sunflowers

Its modular design allows farmers to easily customize their harvesters and make adjustments based on their specific needs, making it one of the most innovative systems.

Are you curious how Nexat is build and how it works? Then, keep reading.

Who is Nexat?

NEXAT is on the road without a built-in device

The history of the Nexat GmbH company is not that long, but the people behind it have years of experience in the field of top agricultural machines. Nexat GmbH was founded in 2017 by another company called Kalverkamp Innovation, which was led by Felix and Klemens Kalverkamp. In addition to Kalverkamp Innovation, Nexat also had with it the Swedish company called Väderstad, which deals with the development of agricultural equipment.

This company was created with the aim of producing a new crop production system that is friendly to the environment, reduces energy and CO2 emissions of agricultural machines, and minimizes the destruction of arable land.

With a long-standing commitment to sustainability, the vision of Nexat GmbH is to become the leading provider of agricultural integrated solutions for the global market. They are ready to invest more and more in people, innovation, and technology.

Nexat – The Revolutionary Agricultural Machinery For Farming

Optimal process observation is provided by the swiveling booth

Nexat is not any usual agricultural machinery, but a complete holistic crop production system. It is specially designed with the needs of the farmers in mind to help them increase their efficiency, productivity, and profitability while reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.

This holistic crop production system is built from several types of modules and incorporates the most innovative technology on the market. When paired with the right modules, Nexas can be transformed from a tractor to the biggest combine in the world, and other agricultural machinery.

Sunflower harvesting with the NexCo mounted combine and the NEXAT carrier vehicle

Due to its extreme versatility, Nexat can be used in all soil processing tasks such as plowing, tilling, planting, harvesting, and even spraying fields with pesticides.

When it comes to Nexat’s transformation into specific agricultural machinery, the company ensures that the task of changing the modules is a very easy one that can be performed by a single person in 10 minutes. But that’s not all, Nexat is dedicated to innovation and plans to make this step fully automated in the future.

The harvesting attachment is a Geringhoff corn picker

Through this revolutionary system of integrated modules, Nexat reduces its fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions, while gaining more power. How is that possible? Well, every time another module is integrated, the entire weight of the transport vehicle changes, being much more optimized. Thus Nexat becomes a self-propelled car.

The NEXAT is in road drive on a dirt road

From a technical point of view, Nexat is powered by two 550 HP diesel engines with independent propulsion. However, the people from Nexat did not stop there. Wanting to revolutionize the field of agriculture and make it sustainable, they prepared the system to be completely powered by green hydrogen fuel cells.

How Does a Nexat Combine Work

Nexat’s agricultural machinery and the holistic system works by integrating the necessary modules in each stage of the production process. With its easy-to-use controls and user-friendly design, Nexat makes farming simpler by unifying each stage of the production process.

The NexCo combine harvester attachment can be seen with a Geringoff corn picker.

Nexat can be driven horizontally in the field and vertically on the roads and has a working width between 19 ft to 79 ft (7 to 24 m) that can work 95% of the arable surface depending on the configuration. The 95% is much more even than the world’s biggest harvester. Furthermore, Nexat comes equipped with a solution that helps with the uniform distribution of straw and another for practicing controlled traffic farming (CTF).

The tank system is shown as a built-in device in the NEXAT and a Väderstad Tempo precision air seeder

Controlled traffic farming is a modern farming system that helps in improving the efficiency and yields of farms. Through this method, fixed paths are demarcated and used all year round, eliminating the continued passage of vehicles and the permanent compaction of the soil.

What Is The Price of Nexat

Nexat is one of the most advanced and expensive pieces of equipment on the market.

With a price tag of approximately two million dollars, it is clear that this machinery also features the title of the most expensive agricultural machinery on the market. Despite its high price tag, Nexat is well worth it. Its advanced technology includes automated systems that help farmers increase their yields, optimize crop growth, and save time and money.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Nexat allows farmers to optimize their workflows and get the most out of their land.

Also, Nexat is a great time-saving solution for farmers, providing them with a single machine that can do multiple tasks.

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