John Deere 4440 Tractor – (JD 4440)

The John Deere 4440 is another legendary JD tractor that holds a special place in the history of agricultural machinery.

The history of the JD 4440 tractor began in 1978 when the factory in Waterloo, Iowa, USA produced it as a replacement for the JD4430 model. Production of the tractor continued until 1982.

John Deere 4440 Tractor – (JD 4440)

During the 1970s, John Deere understood that farmers needed more power and efficiency to work with bigger tools and get more work done. So, they created the John Deere 4440 to meet those needs.

The 4440 Row-Crop tractor was very popular among farmers and the best tractor in the Iron Horses series made by John Deere. The timing was perfect. Just as the John Deere 4020 tractors reached their limits and farmers began to question what to use next, the John Deere 4440 appeared as an excellent replacement and solution to the farmers’ issue.

Although there is no official data available on the exact number of JD 4440s produced, many farmers estimate that the production quantity would range between 50,000 to 60,000 units.

Now let’s move on to some technical details about this famous John Deere 4440.


John Deere 4440 Engine – (JD 4440)

The John Deere 4440 engine, known as the model 6466T, was a powerful engine for its time. It was first introduced in the 4440 tractor model, making it the initial tractor to feature the new 6466T engine.

John Deere used the 6466T engine in several other tractor models, including JD 4450, 4755, and 4850, in addition to the John Deere 4440.

This engine is a direct injection turbocharged diesel engine with six cylinders liquid-cooled inline, which according to the JD engineers, improves fuel efficiency and combustion efficiency.

It has a displacement of 466 cubic inches / 7.6 liters, making it capable of delivering impressive performance on the field.

The John Deere 4440 has 154 horsepower (115.1 kW) and a maximum torque of 642 Nm (475 lb-ft) at 1500 rpm.

The maximum forward speed is 18.6 mph (29.9 kph) and the maximum reverse speed is 10.7 mph (17.2 kph).

Below in Table 1, you’ll find additional technical specifications of the 6646T engine, such as the firing order, operating RPM, and idle RPM.

Table 1. The John Deere 4440 – 6466T engine specs
Specification Value
Engine Model John Deere 6466T
Engine Type 4-cycle, six-cylinder, direct injection turbocharged diesel
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement 466 (7.6 L)
Engine Bore 4.56 (115.8 mm)
Engine Stroke 4.75 (120.6 mm)
Aspiration Turbocharged
Rated Engine Power 154 hp (115.1 kW)
Rated Engine Speed 2,200 rpm
Idle RPM 800-2400 rpm
Operating RPM 1500-2200 rpm
Maximum Torque 642 Nm (475 lb-ft)
Compression 14.9:1
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Intake Valve Clearance 0.018 in (0.457 mm)
Exhaust Valve Clearance 0.028 in (0.711 mm)
Air Cleaner Dual dry element

PTO and Drawbar performance

This tractor has different performance levels for its PTO and drawbar capabilities, which depended on the transmission type.

1. PTO

When it comes to John Deere 4440 PTO performance, the model with the Diesel 8-speed transmission produced 130.41 hp (97.2 kW) of power at its rated engine speed. On the other hand, the model with the Diesel 16-speed transmission provided a slightly higher power output of 130.58 hp (97.4 kW).

2. Drawbar performance

Looking at drawbar performance, the JD 4440 with the 8-speed transmission can generate a maximum power of 112.69 hp (84.0 kW) and pull a maximum weight of 13,738 lbs (6231 kg).

Table 2. PTO (Power take-off) technical data
PTO Operational Type Independent
PTO Clutch Hydraulic disc
PTO Speed 540/1000 rpm

How much can it pull?

The John Deere 4440 can pull up to 13,738 lbs (6,231 kg), but it depends on the condition of the tractor, the type of hitch or attachment, and the transmission.

JD 4440 Fuel Consumption

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln tests indicate that the John Deere 4440 has a fuel consumption ranging from 8.5 gal/hour (32.2 l/hour) to 8.9 gal/hour (33.7 l/hour).

This fuel consumption varies depending on multiple factors, such as the load being carried, the terrain, the driving habits of the operator, the tractor’s transmission, and the condition of the tractor.

According to some farmers, the fuel consumption can even reach 10 gal/hour (37.8 l/hour).

Table 3. Tests made by The University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Diesel 8-speed 2WD (Test source) Diesel 16-speed 2WD (Test source)
PTO performance Power at rated engine speed 130.41 hp (97.2 kW) 130.58 hp (97.4 kW)
Fuel consumption 8.5 gal/hour (32.2 l/hour) 8.6 gal/hour (32.6 l/hour)
Drawbar performance Max power 111.23 hp (82.9 kW) 112.69 hp (84.0 kW)
Max pull 13,738 lbs (6231 kg) 13,392 lbs (6074 kg)
Fuel consumption 8.5 gal/hour (32.2 l/hour) 8.9 gal/hour (33.7 l/hour)

Good to know: The fuel tank capacity of the John Deere 4440 tractor is 65 gal (246.0 L), ensuring an average of approximately 7 hours of work with a full tank.


The Model 4440 was equipped with two types of transmissions: Quad Range and Power Shift.

Below, I’ve explained how each transmission type works and its advantages and disadvantages.

Quad Range

The JD 4440 Quad Range transmission has 16 forward gears and 6 reverse gears.

The Quad Range transmission has four gears (1-4) in four ranges (A-D). You can power shift between pairs 1-2 and 3-4 in each range, and there’s a synchronized shift between 2-3. In ranges A-C, there are two reverse gears.

You need to stop the tractor and use the clutch to shift between ranges. You have a video below where you can see how it works.

The clutch type is a wet disc.

The oil capacity of the John Deere 4440 Quad Range transmission is 44.0 quarts (41.5 liters) for 2WD and 60.0 quarts (56.8 liters) for 4WD.

Shift pattern John Deere 4440 Quad Range Transmission
John Deere 4440 Quad Range transmission – Shift Pattern
Table 4. JD 4440 – Quad Range Transmission
Specification Value
Transmission Type Quad Range
Gearbox Type 16F/6R, Partial powershift
Number of Forward Gears 16
Number of Reverse Gears 6
Clutch Type Wet disc
Oil Capacity (2WD), qts (L) 44.0 (41.5)
Oil Capacity (4WD), qts (L) 60.0 (56.8)

Related video: John Deere 4440 Quad Range Gear Shift

Power Shift

The Power Shift transmission in the John Deere 4440 utilizes a range shift system to provide a wide range of speeds and efficient power transfer. It provides a total of 8 forward gears and 4 reverse gears, suiting a wide range of operating conditions.

To shift gears, the operator uses the gear shift lever or buttons on the control console.

When the desired gear is selected, the Power Shift system engages the appropriate clutch to make the shift smooth and seamless.

This allows for quick and effortless gear changes while maintaining momentum and power.

The Power Shift transmission also incorporates a torque converter, which provides additional torque multiplication and smooth power delivery during startup and low-speed operations.

The oil capacity of the John Deere 4440 Power Shift transmission is 52.0 quarts (49.2 liters) for 2WD and 68.0 quarts (64.4 liters) for 4WD.

Table 5. JD 4440 – Power Shift Transmission
Specification Value
Transmission Type Power Shift
Gearbox Type 8F/4R, Full powershift
Number of Forward Gears 8
Number of Reverse Gears 4
Clutch Type Wet disc
Oil Capacity (2WD) 52.0 (49.2) qts (L)
Oil Capacity (4WD) 68.0 (64.4) qts (L)
Maximum Forward Speed 18.6 (29.9) mph (kph)
Maximum Reverse Speed 5.9 (9.5) mph (kph)

Pros and Cons

Table 6. John Deere 4440: Pros and Cons of Power Shift Transmission versus Quad Range Gear Shift
Power Shift Transmission Quad Range Gear Shift
Pros Pros
Ease of Use: The Power Shift transmission offers smooth and effortless gear changes, making it user-friendly for operators. Versatility: The Quad Range Gear Shift allows for precise gear selection, providing more control over the tractor’s speed and power delivery.
Efficiency: It provides a wide range of gears, allowing for optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency in various operating conditions. Durability: Gear-driven transmissions like Quad Range are known for their robustness and ability to handle heavy-duty applications.
Quick Shifting: The Power Shift system enables quick gear shifts, ensuring minimal interruption to the workflow and maintaining momentum. Cost-Effectiveness: Tractors with Quad Range Gear Shifts are typically more affordable compared to those with Power Shift transmissions.
Cons Cons
Complexity: Power Shift transmissions can have more intricate designs with additional components, which may increase maintenance and repair costs. Manual Shifting: Gear shifts in Quad Range transmissions require manual operation, which may require more effort from the operator.
Cost: Tractors equipped with Power Shift transmissions tend to be more expensive compared to those with manual transmissions. Slower Shifting: Compared to Power Shift transmissions, shifting gears in a Quad Range system may take longer, resulting in some loss of momentum during shifts.
Learning Curve: Operators may require additional training and practice to effectively utilize the Quad Range Gear Shift system.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system used on the JD 4440 tractor is of the Closed Center type.

A special part of this hydraulic system is the strong implement pump. It can move 23 gal (87.2 L) of liquid every minute. This powerful flow lets the tractor use hydraulic tools easily, making work quicker and simpler.

The hydraulic system in the John Deere 4440 works with a pressure of 2250 psi (155 Bar).

Setting hydraulic pressure

The hydraulic system comes with 2 or 3 standard remote valves. This helps the operators use many different hydraulic tools at the same time, making the tractor work better and faster.

Also, it includes a good 3-Point Hitch Category 3N. It helps the tractor lift heavy tools with ease and keeps everything stable.

The normal lifting power for the John Deere 4440 is 5710 lbs (2590 kg), but it can go up to 6745 lbs (3060 kg) with the optional lifting power. This means the tractor can handle all sorts of tools, big and small, without any trouble and with great precision.

The hydraulic oil capacity of John Deere 4440 tractors equipped with the PowerShift, 2WD is 11.0 gal (41.5 L), while those with Quad Range, 2WD have a hydraulic oil capacity of 13.0 gal (49.2 L). For 4WD versions, please refer to Table 7 below.

Other useful information about the hydraulic system of the JD 4440 tractor:

  • The part number for hydraulic pump of JD 4440 is AR94660.
Table 7. The John Deere 4440 Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System Type Closed center
Implement Pump Flow 23 gpm (87.2 (Lpm))
Hydraulic Pressure 2250 psi (155 Bar)
Hydraulic Capacity (PowerShift, 2WD) 11 gal (41.5 L)
Hydraulic Capacity (PowerShift, 4WD) 15 gal (56.8 L)
Hydraulic Capacity (Quad Range, 2WD) 13 gal (49.2 L)
Hydraulic Capacity (Quad Range, 4WD) 17 gal (64.5 L)
Number of Standard Remote Valves 2/3
3-Point Hitch Category 3N
Standard Lift Capacity at lift pin 5710 lbs (2590 kg)
Optional Lift Capacity at lift pin 6745 lbs (3060 kg)

Weight and Dimensions

1. Weight

The weight of a John Deere 4440

The weight of a John Deere 4440 is 13,270 lbs (6,020 kg). This refers to the operating weight, which includes the tractor’s complete operational state, including all vital components and fluids.

Table 8. JD 4440 Weight
Type lbs / kg
Shipping Weight 11780 lbs (5345 kg)
Operating Weight 13270 lbs (6020 kg)
Ballasted Weight 15775 lbs (7155 kg)

2. Dimensions
The John Deere 4440 has a 106.7 inches (271 cm) wheelbase that helps it handle well. It’s 158.5 inches (402 cm) long, not too big but has enough space for good performance.

The highest point is 128.7 inches (326 cm) at the exhaust pipe, which is a difference of 11.4 inches from the tractor’s cabin.

The whole tractor is 96 inches (243 cm) wide, so it’s noticeable and can do many things.

Table 9. JD 4440 Weight and Dimensions
Attribute in (cm)
Wheelbase 106.7 in (271 cm)
Length 158.5 in (402 cm)
Height (Cab) 117.3 in (297 cm)
Height (Exhaust) 128.7 in (326 cm)
Overall Width 96 in (243 cm)
Ground Clearance 24.7 in (62 cm)
Turning Radius 145 in (370 cm)


John Deere 4440 Tires
The 4440 tractors that have 2-wheel drive (2WD) use front tires that are sized 11.0×16 and rear tires that are sized 18.4×34.

On the other hand, the 4440 tractors with 4-wheel drive (4WD) have larger front tires, 14Lx16.1, and bigger rear tires, 23.1×34.

Table 10. John Deere 4440 Tires Sizes
Specification Value
Front Tire Size (2WD) 11.0×16
Rear Tire Size (2WD) 18.4×34
Front Tire Size (4WD) 14Lx16.1
Rear Tire Size (4WD) 23.1×34
Front Tread Width 55.7-93.2 in (141-236 cm)
Rear Tread Width 60-130 in (152-330 cm)


John Deere 4440 Attachments

The John Deere 440 can work with two different front-end loaders: the JD 148 and JD 158.

The JD 148 can lift up to 3100 lbs (1406 kg) high in the air, and its highest point is 126 inches (320 cm).

The JD 158 is even stronger, lifting up to 3800 lbs (1723 kg) and reaching a height of 156 inches (396 cm). This makes it easier to move heavy stuff around!

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