50+ Herbicides for Sweet Corn That You Can Use

Herbicides for sweet corn

How much time did you spend last time looking for an herbicide for sweet corn? Or if a certain type of weed killer that you already have can be used for sweet corn?

To assist you, I have created a list of various herbicides for sweet corn. Now you can check if your herbicide is already on the list and you can use it or you can search for another new one.

Here are included herbicides for sweet corn that can be used as pre-emergence, post-emergence, and some that can be used for both pre-emergence and post-emergence applications.

This list will be regularly updated. If you’ve had a positive experience with an herbicide for sweet corn that’s not listed here, please leave a comment with its name. I’ll add your input to the list, helping other farmers find effective herbicides for sweet corn.

Pre-emergence Herbicides for Sweet Corn

Pre-emergence Herbicides for Sweet Corn

Acuron herbicide

The Acuron herbicide is recognized as a pre- and post-emergence solution, but in the case of sweet corn cultivation, this herbicide should only be applied as a pre-emergence treatment, as post-emergence application can severely damage the sweet corn.

Acuron effectively controls over 40 types of broadleaf weeds, 23 different types of grass weeds, and sedges such as nutsedge and yellow nutsedge.
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Outlook (dimethenamid-P)

Outlook is another pre-emergence herbicide for sweet corn, with a post-harvest interval of only 50 days.

Its active ingredient is dimethenamid-P, classified within Group 15 herbicides. It controls various annual broadleaf weeds, sedges, and annual grasses.

outlook herbicide

Anthem Maxx

Anthem Maxx herbicide ensures control and suppression of various annual broadleaves, weeds, and annual grasses. This herbicide, designed for sweet corn, combines two active ingredients: pyroxasulfone and fluthiacet-methyl.

It can be applied to different types of soil, including coarse, medium, and fine.
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Bullet herbicide

Based on two active ingredients, Bullet herbicide is an effective solution for controlling numerous annual broadleaf weeds and grasses.

It is applied as a preemergence treatment to sweet corn fields using various methods, such as ground boom applications and aerial applications.

Degree Xtra

The Degree Xtra herbicide features an advanced formula based on atrazine and acetochlor, effectively combating a wide spectrum of grass and broadleaf weeds in sweet corn crops.

Also, it contributes to enhancing sweet corn yields while managing weeds.

Harness Xtra

Harness Xtra is another herbicide for sweet corn that provides preemergence weed control, targeting lots of grasses and broadleaf weeds, while increasing the crop yield.

It belongs to Groups 5 and 15 and can be applied through ground broadcast treatment, ground band treatment, and by utilizing dry bulk fertilizer.

Zidua herbicide

Annual grass and broadleaf weeds in the sweet corn crop can be managed with Zidua herbicide.

As a part of Group 15, with the main ingredient pyroxasulfone, Zidua is a selective, pre-emergence herbicide that can be used regardless of soil type.
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Princep Nine-T

Princep Nine-T is another option for use in sweet corn as a pre-emergence treatment for weeds like crabgrass, barnyard grass, ragweed, smartweed, wild oats, and more.

Its main ingredient, called Simazine, classifies it in Group 5 of herbicides and helps prevent weed seeds from germinating and establishing themselves in the sweet corn crop.

Harness herbicide

Harness herbicide was designed to offer greater flexibility to all sweet corn growers. It can be applied as a pre-emergence treatment and it actives with minimal moisture, delivering exceptional rotational versatility.

It has as main ingredient acetochlor and offers multiple ways of applications like ground broadcast treatment, ground band treatment, as well as pneumatic application and application with dry bulk fertilizer.

Post-Emergence Herbicides for Sweet Corn

Post-emergence Herbicides for Sweet Corn

Halex GT

Halex GT is a postemergence herbicide for sweet corn, commonly utilized to control the growth of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in fields.

Its strong formula is made from the combination of three ingredients: S-metolachlor, glyphosate, and mesotrione.
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Status (nicosulfuron + rimsulfuron)

Status herbicide has a system mode of action that kills various annual broadleaf weeds, perennial broadleaf weeds, and annual grass weeds.

It can be applied on the crop as a post-emergence treatment and combined with different adjuvants like nonionic surfactant for herbicides, crop oil concentrate, and ammonium sulfate.


Laudis is a herbicide that provides rapid control of weeds within hours of application.

With tembotrione as its active ingredient, it ensures effective control of both broadleaf and grass weeds in sweet corn crops when used as a post-emergence treatment, typically showing results within 7 to 14 days after application.


Accent herbicide is another reliable option as a post-emergence herbicide for sweet corn.

It can be applied from the 1-leaf to 8-leaf stage of corn and is effective on various types of sweet corn. It belongs to Group 2 and can successfully control weeds such as barnyard grass, yellow foxtail, green foxtail, ragweed, and others.
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You can treat your sweet corn crop with Permit post-emergence herbicide. This herbicide can be applied foliar or through aerial application to inhibit the growth of weeds that compete with your sweet corn plants.

It becomes rainfast within 4 hours of application and is very easy to use.

Impact herbicide

Ensuring great safety in sweet corn crops, Impact herbicide is a post-emergence product that contains topramezone as its main ingredient.

It can be tank-mixed with over 30 other herbicides and provides comprehensive control over broadleaf weeds and a wide variety of grasses.
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Cadet herbicide

By using Cadet herbicide, your sweet corn is safe and free of weeds. This post-emergence herbicide prioritizes the safety of the crop while controlling velvetleaf and a wide variety of broadleaf weeds.

Also, Cadet herbicide for sweet corn can be combined with glyphosate in a tank mix to provide a stronger mode of action for reducing selection pressure.

Flexstar herbicide

Another post-emergence herbicide for sweet corn is Flexstar. It is easy to use and rainfast in one hour while its action is immediate against the weeds.

It manages not only annual grasses and broadleaf weeds but also suppresses perennial weeds such as Milkweed and Bindweed and glyphosate and ALS-resistant weeds.

Authority herbicide

Authority herbicide is known for its ability to control the most challenging broadleaf weeds like kochia and redroot pigweed that reduce your crop yield.

As a Group 14 pre-emergence herbicide, it contains as its primary ingredient sulfentrazone and can be tank mixed with glyphosate. It comes in a liquid form that makes it very easy to use.

Bladex herbicide

Bladex herbicide comes in a granular form with cyanazine as its active substance. For optimal results, this herbicide is applied in the very early post-emergence phase, preferably up to 4 leaf-stages and under moisture conditions.

Bladex also has a short soil persistence duration, minimizing the potential for damage to vulnerable crops in subsequent rotations.

Pre- and Post- Emergence Herbicides for Sweet Corn

Prowl herbicide

Prowl H2O is a herbicide from Group 3 that can be applied as both a pre- and post-emergence treatment to fresh sweet corn.

With the active ingredient called pendimethalin, this herbicide is effective against grass weeds such as annual ryegrass, crabgrass, and many more, as well as broadleaf weeds such as chickweed, spurge, and others.
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Capreno herbicide

Capron herbicide contains a combination of two active ingredients called Thiencarbazone-methyl and Tembotrione that provide pre- and post- emergence weed control in sweet corn crops.

It targets a wide spectrum of broadleaf and grass weeds and can be tank mixed with a variety of other herbicides including Atrazine and Liberty.
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Dual Magnum (S-metolachlor)

Having compatibility with over 40 tank mix partners, Dual Magnum herbicide can be used as a pre- and post-emergence option for controlling annual grasses and specific broadleaf weeds in sweet corn crops.


The Permit herbicide is great for both pre- and post- emergence applications in sweet corn crops.

It is a dry mix that picks out specific broadleaf weeds and nutgrass in certain plants. It gets into the plant through its roots and leaves and moves around inside.
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Callisto (mesotrione)

Weeds in sweet corn can also be eradicated by using Callisto herbicide. This herbicide, which can be applied pre- and post-emergence, helps combat broadleaf weeds through its active ingredient called Mesotrione.

With flexible application timing, this herbicide controls weeds while ensuring the safety of your sweet corn crop.


Resicore is another alternative herbicide that you can apply at a time that suits your needs. Used either as a pre- or post-emergence treatment, it controls even the most stubborn broadleaf weeds like waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, or marestail.

Good for all soil textures, Resicore can be mixed with various herbicides to further boost its effectiveness.
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When using a new herbicide, remember our golden rule: always read the label and follow the instructions provided.

It’s important to note that some herbicides for sweet corn, as presented here, may have specific restrictions in certain areas while being safe for use in others.

As a responsible farmer, you must follow the regulations and safety guidelines when working with herbicides.

This includes proper handling, application, and record-keeping to ensure compliance with legal requirements and to protect both human health and the environment.

What herbicides do you use for sweet corn? Please share your experience with our community by using the comments form below.

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