The Complete Guide to Cattle Prods + 5 Cattle Prods To Buy

Cattle prods are essential tools for a farm that manages livestock. We know that sometimes when you look at grazing animals, they seem gentle and calm, but they are not always like that, and any farmer can confirm that there are moments when they are stubborn and difficult to handle.

Moreover, in some cases, the animals get entangled in certain farm elements, such as fences, making it difficult to direct them out of that situation, or sometimes the animals do not move in a controlled way putting themselves in danger.

In difficult moments like these, the cattle prods come to the help of the farmer. This tool helps the farmer to correct the behavior much easier, to restore the control and safety of the animals without hurting them.

Having said all that, let’s take a look at what is a cattle prod, how it used, how to maintain it, and what available options are on the market to buy.

What is a Cattle Prod?

A cattle prod is a necessary tool in every farm that handles the raising and caring of livestock.

This farming tool is used especially for herding and any other moving animals to be sure that they stay in line, offering extra safety and control over the animals.

Cattle prods emit controllable electric shocks and are built from elements such as the handle by which you can use and maneuver it, the shaft that can be of several lengths, the trigger button, the batteries, and the shaft’s end that emits the shocks.

How to Clean a Cattle Prod

Cattle prod must be cleaned and maintained after each use for good functioning and efficiency because it is sometimes exposed to moisture.

How can you clean the cattle prod? Well, cleaning this tool is quite simple. First, you let it dry and then disassemble the shaft from the handle. After separating the shaft, you can clean the handle, the trigger button, and the safety switch with a dry cloth.

Since you cannot completely wipe all the components with a dry cloth, it is still important for them to dry appropriately. That’s why you can dry the unit and the shaft separately. Also, it would be good to take a look at the shaft and the shaft’s end and see the degree of wear.

If it is damaged, you should replace it.

Periodic Maintenance of Cattle prods

Periodic maintenance is similar to cleaning after use. As we’ve already mentioned, cattle prod is exposed to excessive humidity and therefore you have to disassemble it weekly and let it air dry. Absolutely all parts must be completely dry and cleaned.

For good and safe operation, it is good to check all the components of the cattle prod. You can start with the end of the shaft, which must not be damaged. Moreover, the metal components of cattle prod must also be checked for various signs of corrosion, and if you find those signs, you must change the part.

The power level of the batteries must also be checked for good operation.

Periodic maintenance is important and will ensure safety in the use of the cattle prod.

How to Use Cattle Prods

The instructions for using a cattle prod are not many, but for your safety and the safety of the animal, they should not be ignored but strictly followed.

First of all, when using a cattle prod you must make sure that you are in control of the tool. Do not try to use this tool as soon as you are near the animal. Give the animal some time to get used to your presence there.

After you have made sure that you are in control and that the animal is somewhat aware of your presence, extend your hand as far as possible and hold the cattle produce with the shaft’s end directed towards the animal.

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The cattle prod should never be aimed at the animal’s face or other sensitive areas. Moreover, it should not be set to a high power because this causes extreme pain and stress to the animal. Start with a lighter current, and if the animal doesn’t respond to the first stimulus, then you can adjust the intensity a little more.

The electric prod is a useful tool for managing animals in certain circumstances, but it should only be used when necessary and not repeatedly on the same animal.
Continuous prodding of an animal causes unnecessary stress and pain.

What are Cattle Prods Used For

The cattle prods are used to guide cattle or other animals when they have to walk a longer distance. In this way, they will go in line and follow the same path. Cattle prods can also be used when you want to manipulate an animal into a stable, shelter, or cage.

Another use for cattle prods is when you want to separate cattle or cows from a herd of other wild animals.

Cattle prods should be used only when needed! If you are considering using a cattle prod, be sure you understand your animals and how to use this tool correctly!

How to Choose a Cattle Prod?

The cattle prod must be chosen according to the animals on your farm.

If you raise pigs, you need a different cattle prod with a different voltage than when you deal with cows. Why? Because every animal is different. They have different skin, thicker or thinner fur or even none at all, and different sensitivity to pain.

You also have to choose the correct shaft length. If you are used to working from a vehicle or on a horse, then you will need a longer shaft, otherwise, you can take a shorter one.

Does a Cattle Prod Come With Batteries?

It depends on which product you choose. There are cattle products on the market that are sold with batteries included and others without batteries. In most cases, the batteries required for a cattle prod are of the C-cell type.

How Much is a Cattle Prod?

The price range for a cattle prod is between $85 (€81) and $350 (€336). The price can vary depending on the shaft size, voltage, and other features.

5 Models of Cattle Prods That You Can Buy

5. Hot-Shot DX36

Cattle Prods - HOT-SHOT DX36
Cattle Prod – HOT-SHOT DX36

One of the first cattle products on our list is the DuraProd Hot-Shot DX 36 electric livestock product.

Made in the United States of America, this cattle prod includes a protective rubber handle and a 36-inch (91 cm) long fiberglass shaft. It is helpful to farmers and very durable.

It is sold complete with 4 C-Cell batteries and is equipped with a trigger button.

4. West Thorne Pro Cattle Prod

West Thorne Pro Cattle Prod
West Thorne Pro Cattle Prod

The West Thorne Pro is a waterproof cattle prod that stands out for its excellent conductivity.

Suitable for cattle and pigs, it features a safety on/off button and a 52-inch (132 cm) long shaft that is flexible and tough.

Thanks to the durable materials, this cattle prod offers good performance even in the case of temperature fluctuations, but also on wet animals.

Another feature is the led light that makes it perfect for use both during the day and at night.

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3. Ranch Choice Rechargeable Cattle Prod

Ranch Choice Rechargeable Cattle Prod
Ranch Choice Rechargeable Cattle Prod

Cattle, sheep, pigs, the Rance Choice cattle prod is suitable for all types of animals. A stable, reliable, durable product, it comes equipped with a covered rubber handle that will protect you from electric shocks, so you will be safe.

The shaft of this product is 28- inch (71 cm ) long and can provide 13,000 voltage pulses.

2. DuraProd Electric Livestock Prod with FX32 and RH 48

DuraProd Electric Livestock Prod

This tool includes the company’s patented technology that minimizes shock feedback. Each cattle prod manufactured by the Miller company is subjected to rigorous tests, so you don’t have to worry about safety because they are very safe if used correctly according to the description manual.

This DuraProd electric livestock prod boasts a four-C-cell battery pack, a handle assembly, a safety switch, a trigger button, and a shaft that is available in two lengths: a 32-inch (12.5 cm) flexible shaft, and a 48-inch (19 cm) made of rigid fiberglass.

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You can buy one of these two cattle products from the official website, click here

1. Hot-Shot “The Green One” Cattle Prod

Hot-Shot The Green One Cattle Prod

The next cattle prod on our list is the Green One.

Used for managing moving livestock effectively, this cattle prod by Hot-Shot transmits a low current to the animal through the 36-inch long shaft, and more. You can purchase shafts of other lengths separately.

What is special about this cattle prod is the fact that it has a permanent seal, so the engine does not require the maintenance and upkeep that we’ve presented above because it is resistant to moisture. The six C-cell batteries are included.

You can find this electric cattle prod at Agrisuply


If you manage any kind of livestock, then you know just how important cattle prods can be. While some people believe that cattle prods are cruel, they can actually be quite helpful when used correctly.

Do you use cattle prods on your farm? What brand do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below!

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